Strategic Accounting

Strategic accounting is our speciality, we can work with businesses that have a desire to grow or even just to change, whether they are big or small.

We can provide periodic management accounting and present these accounts to the directors providing commentary and advice about what we are presenting.

We can compare performance to earlier periods or, more usefully, against a forecast that we can help you prepare.

Our favourite tool is the Flexed Out Turn this predicts the end of year result using however many months of actual results we have plus the remaining flexed forecast and compares it to the original year end forecast showing the variance to date. This might sound like accounting speak but we know from experience that directors find this tool invaluable and intuitively simple to read once we talk it through with them. It is a truly powerful tool for driving business performance.

We can provide assistance for owners to develop strategic plans and translate those plans in high level budget figures.

We know from experience that our support makes a difference to the businesses we work with.