Loads of accountants are just number crunchers, I don't need a number cruncher I need somebody who can work with me and look ahead to identify situations and opportunities, I've had to explain to Paul how you build a house from the ground up and he's taught me how to stay on top of my business finances. It's fair to say I like to challenge his thinking most of the time, however I know he's always planning ahead with regard to where we are going.

- Paul Harvey, MD, Peter Ernest Homes Limited

Starting my own business, I concentrated on what I could do for my clients, and having an accountant was a necessary requirement. I soon found out that I required more than just accountancy, I needed an accountant who looked out for me and most of all helped guide me. Focus were the first to really sit down with me and understand the whole picture of where I was and where I needed to be, I think it comes down to actually caring about the client enough to take the time.

- James Beckwith, MD, James Beckwith Electrical Limited

Focus have provided accounting help to the King’s Theatre Trust for several years now and we always value the support and strategic input we get from Paul and his team. Not many people want to give up their free time to help the local community these days so we appreciate the support we get from Focus and it shows that there is more to business than just making money.

- Ron Hasker, Chairman, The Kings Theatre Trust

I first met Focus when my business was having some issues, they took the time to talk to me and understand the problems. With their advice I was able to make changes for the better. Dealing with people that are interested in my business makes all the difference.”

- Jeremy Hobbs, MD, Smarter IT Limited

When I wanted to start my own business Focus were the first people I called, I’d seen how they operate and I knew they would guide me through the decisions that needed to be made and help get things organised in an efficient and no nonsense way. Sometimes it’s hard to find time from looking after clients to taking care of your own business and it’s good to know somebody has got my back.

- Stephen Blamire, Business Coach, Weald Business Focus Limited

Personal relationships are always important in my business, using Focus I know I’ve got a team behind me that are interested in my business and will respond when I need something doing urgently. I know I’m dealing with ordinary people that I can talk to and aren’t going to try and baffle me with accountants speak.

- Claire Satchwell, Director, The Contemporary Home Limited

We meet with Focus every quarter to run through the numbers and get their take on where we are and how the year looks. It's important for us to work with people that we can talk to and who take the trouble to understand how our business operates, as it isn't always straightforward, its helps us stay on top and it keeps us up to date with our compliance and when our tax bills are coming.

- Scott Macdonald, Director, Scope Leasing Limited

I think I was the first person to described what Focus do as Strategic Accounting, I quickly realised that what they did was look beyond the numbers and use their understanding to really help provide direction. If you need accountants that are going to work with you then this is the sort of service you need, I think every business no matter how big or small needs this sort of support.

- Steve Jones, Business Coach, Skills For Business Training Limited

I’ve worked with Paul for over 15 years now and in that time my business has moved, grown and changed many times. I know I will always get a personal service backed by solid professionalism and technical knowledge. Business can be so complicated these days you need that sort of support if you’re going to grow a business.

- Mike Souter, MD, Soumac Assembly Services Limited